Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

Your mirror matters.

We have all kinds of tools to try to get our make-up on point, but your best tool might be the mirror that you select. I would always opt for a magnifying mirror to make sure you don’t miss a smeared pencil liner, or an eyeliner that may look a little smeared up close. The cost varying just as much as the option in shape, sizes and prices.

Who hasn’t experience a situation where you have left the house only to find that you hadn’t rubbed in your concealer all the way, you blush is smudged or your shadow isn’t blended.  Let’s face it, our friends and our enemies aren’t exactly always honest when they see a little make-up mishap.

You can check thrift shops and discounts stores for mirrors that can have the same effect as pricier manufacturers. It won’t hurt to use them in good light once you get them home, in spite of their magnifying capabilities. Or you can opt for one that has lighting; which I prefer.

So while you are out picking up your new make-up, be sure you consider a great mirror that can make that make-up look professional.

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