10 DIY Mini Home Makeovers You Can Do at Any Budget

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10 DIY Mini Home Makeovers You Can Do at Any Budget
New Accent Colors:

Introducing new accent colors to your rooms with accessories like candles, throws, and lamps can brighten or warm up a room. You can even change these pieces out for various seasons. For instance, in the spring and summer use bright spirit lifting colors and in the fall and winter have more warm and cozy tones to set the mood. Image: decoist.com

10 DIY Mini Home Makeovers You Can Do at Any Budget
Accent Walls:

Paint or wall papered accent walls can give you the opportunity to really express yourself and interest. Thanks to HGTV and DYI network we’ve seen a plethora of examples on how to add an accent wall effectively. In some cases, your accent wall can even serve as your accent color to brighten, give balance, or warm a space.

10 DIY Mini Home Makeovers You Can Do at Any Budget
House Plants:

Getting a few house plants is always a great way to add new life to your living space. If you don’t have the best green thumb, try getting a few cacti and succulents. They add some wonderful green without the heavy maintenance. Image: Upsplash.com

10 DIY Mini Home Makeovers You Can Do at Any Budget
Adding Accent Pieces:

New accent pieces like coffee table tchotchkes and candles can help create a new warm and inviting space. It also gives guest something to look at that expresses your personality. If you like to travel use things like a photo books or maps. If you love flowers, putting them in vases a few places in your home is always a nice touch. Image: homemakover.in

10 DIY Mini Home Makeovers You Can Do at Any Budget
New Flooring:

Adding a new rug or installing new flooring to a space can also switch up the vibe. New lament flooring is more durable and looks a lot like the real thing these days. Plus, stores usually have sales so you’re sure to find a new and affordable look. image:

10 DIY Mini Home Makeovers You Can Do at Any Budget
Replace the Couch:

As the main seating in your living area the couch controls the tone of the room. You want a lively living area add a bright color, you want relaxation you choose something lighter and more muted like mint, gray, or beige. Replacing this piece can create a new vibe in your space. Image: Christelle Bourgeois

10 DIY Mini Home Makeovers You Can Do at Any Budget
New Lighting and Fixtures:

Although you might not feel brave enough to do this DYI changing our light fixtures and fans can change the mood and tone of a room. Even a few new lamp shades can change the way a room feels and the bulb disburses light. Image: Jantility

10 DIY Mini Home Makeovers You Can Do at Any Budget
New Placemats and Table Settings:

Changing up things in your dining area can definitely make you want to entertain more and even eat at home. This is an easy and quick makeover you can accomplish season by season. Plus, home décor stores often have the previous seasons items on sale so you can get great quality pieces at a fraction of the cost just by waiting until the end of the season. Image: Paweł Wojciechowski

10 DIY Mini Home Makeovers You Can Do at Any Budget
Change out or add Art:

Changing out art doesn’t have to mean you dump your old pictures, try doing an artwork collage on your most unloved wall. If you’re not into art, try using family pictures instead. Your mini home makeover could also involve changing out old family photos and portraits with more recent ones. This is a great way to acknowledge that the children in your life have grown up as well as show new additions to the family they are loved. Image: Houzz

10 DIY Mini Home Makeovers You Can Do at Any Budget
New Hardware:

Switch out the hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers for a new look. You can even carry this trend into your bedroom by getting new draw pulls for any dressers and armories you have. Image:itsoverflowing.com

A never changing home can really make you feel like you’re in a rut. So you can’t buy a house right now, or you can’t move to that ideal apartment building across town. That doesn’t mean your home shouldn’t express who you are at every stage of your life. Having a fresh and wonderfully decorated home can lift your spirit and give you a place of belonging. Here are ten ways you can keep things current on a reasonable budget.

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  1. Jamila, I love these tips. I want to transform an office to a sitting room, so these ideas will help to get me started. I especially love the colors that you chose.

  2. Thanks for the tips Jamila. I have been planning on doing all of these things for awhile. Reading your tips reminded me that I REALLY need to do so, for my mental health. Rug, plants, pictures… have all been on my to do list.

    I love the idea of switching out photos of folks as they get older. If they don’t want to do that, maybe they can have then and now photos. I also like switching colors for the seasons. That is a great idea. Take care — Roxanne e.

    1. Thanks for your input Roxanne. I have a room that I am just waiting to attack. This story was an inspiration and an incentive.

      Happy that Jamila will be sharing more.

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