10 Things You Need to Do Before Your Next Birthday

Are you like so many women I know? You make a suggestion to them after they have told you about something they have always wanted to do and they immediately tell you why they can’t do it. For example; “I’m waiting for the right time.”  “I have to take care of someone else first.” “I don’t think I can do it right now.”

It is time to get out of your own way. Make this the year that you be brave. Brave enough to jump right into whatever your heart desires. You may need to make some sacrifices, but buckle down and take the risk before it is too late.

  1. Travel to the place of your dreams.

    Take that vacation with a friend
  2. Ask out that guy that you have been checking out for some time.  Open up your heart to love even if your heart has been shattered in the past. Give trust and joy another chance.

    Ask him out!
  3. Ask for a raise.
  4. That bucket list that hasn’t moved in years; do one thing on that list to make it smaller.
  5. Start saving if you haven’t already done so. Don’t let another year go by with you not looking out for your financial future.
  6. Say, “Good-bye” to friendships that are no longer working for you. You know those women who you have done so much for, and they treat you like it still is not enough.
  7. Make this the year that you “finally” shed those 10 extra pounds. Now is a better time than ever. Your health and wellness depends on it.

    Grab a friend and keep it moving
  8. Go to the one conference that will move and inspire you to be the best at whatever you want to pursue.
  9. Remove yourself from any task that is draining your soul and sucking up your energy. Whether it is a community group, professional association, civic organization or your neighborhood block club, don’t let stress and frustration rob you of your sanity.
  10. Seek out professional help if and when needed. Find a good therapist who can help you to iron out long-standing issues that you just can’t seem to shake. It is easy for a friend to say, “Just let it go”. But a good therapist can show you how to do it!

Keep in mind that whatever you do is going to mean you have to sacrifice something or take risks. So, know that you will have to forgo something to make time and money to make some of these things a reality. But you deserve to give yourself the gift of happiness. Life is short and the older we get, we have more days behind us than in front of us…so live everyday well!

Be well, my sisters!


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