5 Cocktails to Keep Things Cool in the Scorching Summer Heat

With almost about two weeks until the official summer solstice, you can already feel the effects of what many people believe will be an incredibly scorching summer. There are so many creative ways to stay cool in the summer heat, from misting fans to erecting that small baby pool in the backyard. But one common theme is that these activities always go well with a cocktail.

While in the Middle East people stay cool by drinking hot tea and allowing their body to naturally cool itself with sweat, here in the United States we prefer something a little more direct – an ice-cold beverage spiked with a spirit to get the sweat cooling our brow. Here I’ve found a few awesome recipes for you to try. These are great if you’re entertaining because you can make a large pitcher to share. Or they are great for sipping while you’re on your back patio enjoying the warm breeze. But no matter how you enjoy them, I know they will taste like summer and bring your body temperature down a few degrees.

Lemon Basil Spritzer – The Organic Kitchen

This light, non-alcoholic refresher has only four ingredients, and if you want to keep things even lighter you can swap the simple syrup for stevia. Click the link for the full recipe.


Southern Bourbon Peach Tea – Dazzling Daily Deals

Fourth of July is just around the corner and so are all the Juneteenth barbeques. If you bring a pitcher to any summer cookout, you’ll likely have your drink ticket full all summer long. This boozy, refreshing cocktail has limited ingredients and packs quite the kick. You can even substitute regular bourbon for Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey to add some sweetness.

Cranberry Orange Mocktail – Dessert Now Dinner Later

This dazzling 3-ingredient mocktail is perfect for any time of year. While it’s easy and perfect for a Summer Sunday Brunch, it can also be prepared as a dinner beverage during the holiday season when cranberries are at their most popular.






Frozen Rose aka Frose! – Basil and Bubbly

With the world in love with the bubbly light sparkling wine from France, it would totally make sense to freeze it and blend it up for summer. This recipe is great if you have a bottle of rose or white wine that isn’t exactly to your liking. Before pouring it into your stew recipe, try turning it into a slushy summer cocktail.


Vodka Mint Lemonade – Mama’s Kitchen

This recipe is definitely an outlier from my previous selections with a total of 6 ingredients, but it’s by far the most refreshing. You can even turn this one into a mocktail by replacing the vodka with club soda for a family-friendly party pleaser.

I hope you give these a try this summer. I know I’ll be sipping each one and I’ve already tried the Frose. Do you have tried and true summer cocktail recipes for entertaining and keeping cool? If so, share them with our Your Stylish Ways community!

Jamila Taylor

World traveler, strategic planner, stylist, and food enthusiast. Jamila loves to travel the world tasting new flavors, and exploring local cultures. When she's not traveling on her magic carpet she's helping small businesses through her boutique consulting firm, Enjoy the Day Consulting. Follow her travels @justjamila

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