5 Locations to Create The Encore Wedding of Your Dreams

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5 Locations to Create The Encore Wedding of Your Dreams
Exotic Destinations

With a small wedding party of only your adult children and close friends, destination weddings are perfect for the encore wedding because the hotel or destination location can set everything up for you; from arranging the Chaplin to guest room blocks and food. The Caribbean and Mexico have some great options, but you can also do warm and sunny States such as New Orleans, LA, Savannah, GA, and Naples FL. If you’re a couple that prefers more adventure, a golf course or someplace wooded such as the Poconos might be fun, as well. After the wedding, you and your nearest and dearest will have the opportunity to party, shop, and go on excursions together. Picture by - sweet icecream photography

5 Locations to Create The Encore Wedding of Your Dreams
Backyard Wedding

The backyard wedding never goes out of style. It’s quiet, intimate, and often free. By this point in your life, you probably know a person or two who has a beautiful backyard and/or a rooftop deck where you can get married. Friends and family that have these types of spaces are always on the lookout for opportunities to host incredible events, so why not let them. Of course, you’ll need to rent all the equipment from chairs to tents, and catering. But, if the venue is free, you can totally splurge a little on these things. You can also look on websites such as AirBnB and HomeAway to find fancier destinations and large homes in your area with spectacular backyards that will allow small weddings. These places are cool because you can rent the space and family or the wedding party can stay with you (some of these places might even be on the water or backed up against beautiful nature reserves). Picture by Annie Spratt

5 Locations to Create The Encore Wedding of Your Dreams
Art Galleries

Do you and your mate have a thing for art? Then this encore wedding venue is definitely for you. Imagine your guests enjoying a light fair reception amidst a cutting-edge instillation (?) or the classic art of antiquity. Art Galleries are great if you aren’t planning to have a full-on party reception because it gives your guests an activity to enjoy while also celebrating your nuptials. Small galleries in and around the city are always in need of rental event activities and if you want to get married rather quickly, you can almost always find a great space that doesn’t require a year’s wait. Another great factor is that art galleries can be a blank slate and perfect for creating the atmosphere of your dreams. Picture by Stephen Di Donato

5 Locations to Create The Encore Wedding of Your Dreams
A Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfasts are another great place to host your encore wedding. They often have incredibly designed grounds and secret garden spaces that presents the ideal small wedding opportunity. Plus, you can have a wonderful dinner or light reception all in the same space. Depending on the location and size, the Bed and Breakfast attendant should be able to set everything up for you from venue set up and catering based from their preferred vendor list. If you like a classic backdrop, these are also great for taking photos following the event. Be sure and look for Bed and Breakfast’s in your favorite vacation spots as a couple. Bonus; if you’re getting married during off season or week days, the prices can be lower. Picture by Matt Jones

5 Locations to Create The Encore Wedding of Your Dreams
Local & National Parks

Local and national parks usually offer lots of space and greenery as a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. An overlooked perk is that depending on where you live, local parks often offer discounts to residents looking to host an event in their space. It can be as much as half the cost of renting the space as for a non-resident. If you’re looking to host the wedding in late spring, you can also cash in on the landscaping and flowers already in bloom to create the ideal atmosphere. Don’t forget that beaches are national parks, too. So, if you’re more costal or if you’re looking for that destination feel, then see if there is a national park beach in your area.

Encore Weddings usually occur after two individuals have opened their hearts after mistakes in a first marriage or wanting to renew their faith and dedication in a long-term relationship. For anyone getting married, contemplating the idea of getting hitched for a second time or renewing vows, planning the event can be a lot more cost effective and fun since parents usually have released their control and you’ll want to be surrounded by the most important people in your life.

With the month of June being all about encore weddings, we thought it’s only fitting to offer up some fresh wedding venues that will keep the cost down and create the perfect intimate setting for your encore wedding.

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