5 Styling Tips for the 50 PLUS

Catherine Cooper Mills, Style Ambassador

As a Style Ambassador for a full service boutique, I have the privilege to engage with and style women globally. My heart is really in styling women who are 50+, mostly because that’s my age bracket and I can relate to the mindset that is often accompanied with “aging” (hopefully done gracefully). It can be a blessing and a challenge all at the same time! Our wonderful bodies are designed to fluctuate and change throughout our lives. Menstrual cycles, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause – there’s a beauty to that…but it also gives us some things to work through that doesn’t feel so wonderful. As we continue in mature womanhood, we may experience changes in our skin, a shift in our energy, weight changes that more often than not results in some extra fat around the mid-section, larger breasts, smaller breasts – you name it. It can leave us saying (and sometimes screaming), “Who’s in control me or my hormones?” We experience a multitude of seasons and most of us subscribe to the mantra that the beauty of our image begins within; and I believe it does. However, sometimes we are in need of revival of how we want that beauty to shine through and at those times our outward image or style can actually lead the way.

With that being said, I offer 5 key style suggestions to uplift and enhance your style.

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    Properly fitting Undergarments: ESPECIALLY bras ladies! There is so much information shared over and over stating that most women (some sources say up to 80%) are wearing the wrong size or improperly fitting bras. Go to a reputable place to get measured to support your breasts!   Now – for what’s below: waist, hips, thighs – there is a wide selection of shapers (remember we used to call them girdles LOL) that will smooth you out. Different shapers will “shape” you quite differently – specifically if you are shopping for a special occasion, take your shaper with you to make sure it works… especially if you have selected a dress or ensemble that is body defining.

  1. A Pop of color: If you’re anything like me you have a lot of black in your wardrobe. There’s just something sleek, powerful, flattering, easy and versatile about it – but sometimes a bright bold color can transform, make a statement and literally shift a mood or sometimes an entire room. Think about what your favorite colors were (even as a child), then think about your favorite color(s) now. Think about what colors you are drawn to…even if you don’t want (or think you can’t wear them), start with your accessories to add them to your wardrobe. Also, with technology and our global society, the colors and pigments in dyes, fabrics, materials, etc. are different than yesteryear can open up so many hues and pigments to us. And speaking of hues…depending on how your melanin shows up – don’t limit yourself to those “you should only wear this color” color charts. I recommend you try it on and see if works!
  1. A Statement Necklace or Brooch: Even though jewelry has
    been “trending” on the dainty and small side – you can still wear a bold, showy statement necklace unapologetically! Pay specific attention to how the necklace falls or lays with the neckline of your garment. Keep your dress or blouse simple and with clean lines and let the “statement” of the necklace speak. A fresh but classic look is making a comeback – and that is the brooch or pin. As with the statement necklace, keep everything else simple. Check out thrift/consignment shops or pieces passed down through stylish women in your family.
  1. A Unique Handbag: A handbag is one of the most noticeable and functional ways to update and finish your look. There are soooo many styles, shapes, colors, fabrics and materials to choose from. You can also shop the fashion gamut to find one – from online shopping, to discount stores, to thrift stores, consignments shops, boutiques, designers…handbags can allow you to be adventurous in updating or establishing your look. There’s just a couple of practical points I will suggest; look for bright colored lining inside to allow you to find things more easily (keys, wallet, cellphone) and if it’s a shoulder bag, pay attention to the shoulder drop (how the bag fits under your arm).
  1. Bold/Funky Eyewear: As we advance in age most of us need some support/correction with our vision – so make a boss woman statement with your eyeglasses. There is quite a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns available to us. Even if you are one of the fortunate few that doesn’t need your vision corrected, venture out into some “personality” frames. A great pair of glasses can create a “look” instantly! If you are having a super busy day and pressed for time, sometimes all you need is a great pair of glasses and a bold lip color to be pulled together!

In the ‘70’s/80’s there was a very popular design house (that is still in operation today) whose tag line stated that they were “The difference between dressed and well-dressed”. That quote always stuck with me and it still resonates with me today…however, I believe that difference is a smile and a pleasant, confident countenance. Ladies, be intentional about your smile – continue to compliment each other. Whenever I approach a woman whether it’s someone I know or a complete stranger, I let her know (and sometimes I actually gush) about something she is wearing – my day (and probably hers, too) always goes better! Fashion and style is actually a way to connect with our maturity and wisdom to uplift each other.

Written by:  Catherine Cooper Mills

Wardrobe Stylist, Mom, Grand Mom, Mature Muse, Truth Seeker. Lover of all creative things that add to abundant life and transformation. She presently works in the airline industry and is a Style Ambassador for Fashion Impact by HandBags U Like. Www.HandBagsULike.com Follow her on Instagram @CreativelyCat


  1. This article is so amazingly on point!! At 45 my style began to change! Now at 58 about to be 59, evolved with big hats, jewelry that’s no longer dainty but statement pieces, loc’d hair no longer being dyed, now allowing wisdom highlights to show, glasses presently green going to big frames again and started my business at 58 with a focus on wellness, self care is self Love!!

  2. Thank you Almira, I would love to see your photo to post along with your comments. You are an evolving woman. The woman that this blog was created for.

    Oh, my great, great grandmother’s name was Elmira. Have a Stylish Holiday!

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