Valentine’s Day: 6 Ways to Celebrate Loving Yourself!

I have vowed to start each day by doing something for myself. We live in a world where, we as women, fall trap to so many demands that we can become too busy to do things for ourselves. Even when it’s as little as taking a few minutes to reflect, renew and refuel our bodies and minds.  One way to assure that we get some of the self-care that is our just due, is to get our own needs taken care of out of the way first.

  1. Meditation  

Meditation has had a proven impact on someone’s peace of mind. Some people see meditation as a religious practice, but regardless of what your beliefs are, many people enjoy the act of simply letting their mind relax and their thoughts wander. Even if you take just a few minutes before you start your day, you might find it to be a good start to a new way of relieving stress.

2. Take-3 

Imagine simply taking 3 minutes out of your mornings to indulge in something you love; yet seldom took the time to engage in.  Pick anything; you might want to start as a morning ritual. You could take 3-minutes to make the bed so that when you get home you can delve into a comfortable place to rest.

3. Work it Out!

Some people just don’t know when or even how to make that move to a lifestyle that includes a scheduled exercise plan. The first step can end with a major leap into a commitment to move your body more. I began my own work out pattern by starting one step at a time. That one step grew into what at times can be over 16,000 steps per day.

4. You are What You Feed Your Body. 

Just because something is edible does not make it food; or even more so good food. Don’t underestimate the power of you starting your day with the right fuel.  What you put in your body can have lasting effects and immediate conscientious.  Start by adding foods that can impact how you feel, look, act and think, and eliminate those foods that you associate with making you feel tired and lethargic like sugars, greasy foods and processed meals.

5. Push the Pause Button

Resist the urge to run out the door. Take your time and measure the moment; meaning pay attention to what you are doing as you are doing it. I got so used to running that I would leave for a  meeting or an event very close to the time of the meeting because running was what I did best…the adrenaline was a driving force for me. I was used to running, so I learned to be careful of what I got “used to” What you get used to can become a habit and habit become lifestyles.

6. Motivational Message

Words mean so much and can impact your life in so many ways. You have probably had an experience where you have read a message that seemed as if it was speaking directly to you. Start your day with a motivational journal or a video that can me inspiring and encouraging to you. Give your day a jolt by being encouraged in some way by a message that will move you to greatness.


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  1. Yes meditation and positive energy for me are important! Our minds are a battlefield and we’ve got to be careful of what goes into it. Making a bed is an absolute must still working on the other 2 but I’ll get there. Thank you!! You and YSW are fantabulous!!

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