6 Self-care Unwinding Techniques

Probably, like most of you, I love the feeling of walking through my front door knowing that I am staying in for the rest of the evening with laptop on my lap, sitting up in bed with a hot cup of tea and watching some Netflix Movie.

Relaxing takes away some of my stress. I live on a quiet street in a quiet, quaint neighborhood. Seldom do we get unexpected guests.

  1. Although I have a landline, I often turn off the ringer on my bedroom phone. Most of those calls are robocalls or telemarketers and I don’t want to be stressed over someone hanging up on me or being rude.
  2. I keep my cell phone a distance away from me in my bed. I want to resist the temptation to check my messages or text someone. I turn off notifications so I won’t be bothered by the pinging sounds.
  3. A warm bath is therapeutic to me. I took hot baths when I was pregnant to help soothe the morning sicknesses. I haven’t taken a shower in years. The sound and the feel of the water just calms and relaxes me so much.

    Bath time can become your most favorite time
  1. No Negative Thoughts: Stop your mind from wandering to negative thoughts. I have begun to realize later in life how my negative thoughts affects my mood, my attitude and even my eating habits. I immediately switch my thinking when I feel as if I am about to have a negative episode.
  1. What about your friends!

    Girl Talk: Doesn’t it feel good to know that you have those go-to girlfriends that you simply cannot wait to share your day with? They are your cheerleaders, your supporters and your tell-it-like it is sisters who keep you in check and on track.

  2. Tap Inwards: Yes, a little quiet time with meditation and prayer may be able to do the trick. I have a practice to start each day by doing something for myself, and it starts with some me-time with just me and God. He has been keeping my secrets so far…so we’re good!

You need to know that you deserve to be good to yourself. Do NOT feel guilty for not answering those phone calls; Do NOT beat yourself up for saying “No” at the various requests that sucks the life out of you; AND by all means, pamper yourself like a queen.


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