6 Unique Ways to Honor Your Mother this Mother’s Day

The second Sunday in May is always a special one for the matriarchy, that’s right guys, I’m talking about Mother’s Day! It’s easy to go with the usual breakfast in best, flowers, and getting dressed up for Sunday service. But why not offer Mom some unique gifts, that really show you’ve been thinking about her legacy this year. 

Genealogy – If your mother hasn’t already done this for herself, purchasing her one of the popular DNA and ancestry analysis tools will definitely create a bonding experience for you and your whole family. There are a number of popular ones like African American Roots Finder, AncestryDNA, or 23andMe.

Donate: Those with limited income oftentimes want to support causes close to their heart. So, make a donation in her name to something that truly represents who your mother is/was and the gifts she gives/gave to the world. If she loves children, try a local after-school program.

Build a Legacy: Starting a scholarship is all about legacy building. By starting a scholarship fund to honor your mother, you give her the opportunity to give life, love, and possibility to future generations. In 2016, Ola started a scholarship fund for teen mothers, allowing her mother’s name to support future young ladies wanting to continue their education, despite the additional responsibilities associated with parenting.

Photoshoot: There is nothing that shows a mother love more than capturing family moments. But we all know how eager children can be to take family pictures or how crazy it can be to get family together between different schedules and locations. So give the gift of getting dressed up and taking pictures willingly, with full enthusiasm.

Disappear: Moms bear the largest share of parenthood, and sometimes they just need a break. Do her a favor and take all the kids and adult-like children for a full day of play, allowing her to relax and binge watch her favorite show in peace.

Spa Day!: That’s right, Mom needs a massage not more stuff! So visit Groupon and find her a few wonderful pamper sessions for hair, nails, and massages. Make sure you’re there to be her chauffeur so she can relax after that luxurious rub down.

Jamila Taylor

World traveler, strategic planner, stylist, and food enthusiast. Jamila loves to travel the world tasting new flavors, and exploring local cultures. When she's not traveling on her magic carpet she's helping small businesses through her boutique consulting firm, Enjoy the Day Consulting. Follow her travels @justjamila

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