6 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For The Last Minute Planner

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6 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For The Last Minute Planner

6 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For The Last Minute Planner
Homemade Scavenger Hunt

Nobody knows your couple like you do. You know the inside jokes, sexy spoofs, and things that make the other person go boom. So why not turn all that knowledge into a fun hunt for small gifts or the big prize. Here’s how you do it: Get together 6-8 index cards. Put a clue on each card and then place the cards around the house/city/world (how ever big you wanna make this thing). Then hand the first clue to your love. Watch as they search for the items and clues leading to the big treasure. Extra points if it’s you at the end *wink* Photo: Natalie Fox

6 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For The Last Minute Planner
Anywhere but Home

Sometimes the laundry is piled up, the dishes are waiting to be unloaded from the dishwasher, and the dog wants to play. All these things can make it hard for any couple to get relaxed and reconnected. So for one night, let’s pretend that none of that stuff exists by checking in to a local hotel and living the luxurious life with turn down service and the works. This is a lot cheaper than a vacation and sometimes the cost of an expensive meal. Just being away from responsibilities at home can make you appreciate what you have. Photo: Nik Lanus

6 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For The Last Minute Planner
Living Room Picnic for Two

Restaurants and local attractions can be crowded for Valentine’s Day and the weekend that follows. Why not get your recharge by enjoying a delightful picnic at home. Here’s how you set the stage. When you get home contact your local Postmates, Favor, or Takeout Taxi and place an order for dinner (considerations: Nothing too filling or fiber filled. You want to spend the evening enjoying each other). Next, lay out a cozy throw or picnic table cloth and light some candles around the house. Once the food arrives transfer it to a plate, pour the champagne, and hit the lights. Then get to know one another again over dinner. Photo: Nils Stahl

6 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For The Last Minute Planner
Wake Up Some Place New

24-48 hour road trips are a perfect refresher for couples. You have the opportunity to release stress and unplug from your day to day life all while celebrating love can invoke new perspectives on being together. Why not take 2 days for a quick road trip to a local Bed & Breakfast near a winery or the beach. There are so many deals you can get on websites like Airbnb, that it would be crazy to pass up the opportunity for a quick getaway. Take a day to enjoy your surroundings or just hang out in your birthday suit, the day is yours! Photo: Clem Onojeghuo

6 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For The Last Minute Planner
Getting Crafty

For the crafty couple or the guy with an over-due Honey-Do list this is a fun way to create your own keepsakes to each other without breaking the bank. It’s also great as an activity for the whole family if you’re not able to share the kids with someone else. There are lots of tutorials like creating a cast of your clasped hands or making pottery #Ghost you remember that movie. You could also spend this time doing a project together like refinishing that bedside table or upping the romance game in your bedroom with a little paint and romantic lighting. Photo: Wilson Sanchez

Yes, we all know by now that Valentine’s Day is absolutely a Hallmark-made holiday. But it’s also a great opportunity to celebrate and share a little romance with someone special. This doesn’t always require blowing the whole bank on a Ruth Chris Steakhouse meal or taking your love on a trip around the world. In fact, studies have shown it’s the small more poignant displays that get the most attention. Need a sitter? Why not plan some shared childcare swapping with a neighbor, sibling or good friend. Each couple can take the night off, while the other couple(s) hosts a slumber party. This will undoubtedly be one of the best things you can do for everyone. If you’re a last minute planner or just clueless on what to do, we’ve put together 6 last minute ideas to help you celebrate your annual day of love and romance…

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