6 Ways to Style a Shawl

I do not like wearing coats, so a shawl is the perfect option for me. I prefer lightweight and very easy-to-wear wraps. Shawls can make an outfit pop by adding a splash of color and texture.

Shawls are fashionable accessories and can bring sophisticated elegance to your look. Whether you’re draping a shawl around your shoulders for a cool evening or adorning your ensemble with an intricately patterned wrap for extra warmth, shawls offer creative ways to accessorize while adding style and panache.

Red Wrap Shawl
Wrap belted Shawl
Wear a shawl as a skirt

These go-to accessories should be one of your essential cold-weather wardrobe necessities.

Accentuating your look with shawls is the way to go.

If you are looking for a sophisticated way to accessorize your wardrobe this season, these classic pieces are a fashionable way to make a statement while still maintaining an effortless elegance. Not only do they offer warmth and comfort in cold climates, but they can also be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. A shawl will add flair to any outfit and transform your everyday look into something personalized.

These classic accessories are the ultimate way to infuse your wardrobe with some timeless looks. You can opt for an elegantly draped style in luxurious fabrics such as velvet or wool or decide to make a bold statement with one of this season’s vibrant prints. I selected some styles below that will undoubtedly elevate your style. Not only can these pieces bring effortless polish and flare to any ensemble, but they also provide practical warmth when temperatures dip too low.

Read on to find out how best to incorporate shawls into your everyday wardrobe.

  1. Go for the classic look with a long, drapey style.
  2. Accent your scarf with various pins and brooches.
  3. Try wearing the shawl like a poncho for an effortless yet stylish look.
  4. Wear it as a wrap skirt by knotting the two sides together at the waist.
  5. Opt for a reversible shawl and wear on either side.
  6. Experiment with different ways to tie and layer multiple shawls.

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