7 Reasons to Start Consigning Now!

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7 Reasons to Start Consigning Now!

It’s easy on your wallet and allows you to get a quick and decent return on your investment. Although consignment stores take a portion of the revenue made from selling your item, you still walk away with the lion's share. Which means more money for you. Another plus is that these stores often offer store credit at a higher rate than cash so if you see something you like it’s like doing a swap.

7 Reasons to Start Consigning Now!

You can find unique and one of a kind pieces. Consignment stores look for the absolute best pieces to bring to their clientele. Depending on the location of the store you can find rare antiques and vintage pieces that you’d have to circle the globe to find replicas of. Jewelry and wedding dresses are among the most popular. Image: Sweet Ice Cream Photography

7 Reasons to Start Consigning Now!

You’re letting someone else do the work for you. Consignment shops have a larger audience and storefronts can bring walk-ins easier than you would by selling something yourself online which is why they earn a portion of your sale. So let them do the work. Image: Hannah Morgan

7 Reasons to Start Consigning Now!

Décor makeovers at an affordable price – Things you find at consignment stores often times have better bones than something you purchased at your local IKEA or Walmart. Plus, you can personalize it with paint and new upholstery when needed. Image: Kari Shea

7 Reasons to Start Consigning Now!

Give that handbag a second life – Sometimes it’s hard to part with things we love and knowing that they can find a new home that loves them can make you feel 10x better. Image: London Scout

7 Reasons to Start Consigning Now!

You can save some cash on the necessities. Themed consignment stores are popping up all over the place, from plus-size clothing specific to children and baby items. The baby and children stores especially are a great way to find necessities that you know will only be utilized for a shortened period of time like infant car seats, baby books, and shoes. Plus, you can find higher quality pieces that are brand name for a large fraction of what they would be at traditional retail stores. So go ahead buy those baby Jordan’s at the consignment store. Image: Freestocks.org

7 Reasons to Start Consigning Now!

Let's face it. Consigning is just a great way to upcycle and save the planet. The United States especially has a serious addiction to shopping and fashion which translates to landfills full of our natural and synthetic fibers. You can save the planet a bit by shopping consignment and selling as well. Image: Flood Brothers Disposal

You can often find consignment shops tucked away on the side streets of many metropolitan cities. Historically consignment stores were a spin-off from what we know as a Flea Market. They were created as a more upscale way to display and sell items by entrusting one vendor to manage the display and sale of your personal belongings. They have come a long way from their flea market roots and today you can find themed consignment stores that sell furniture, baby essentials, and of course clothing and accessories.

For me, the important takeaway is that you can really get a return on your investment by allowing your gently loved items to become someone else’s treasure. Here are seven reasons you should consign.

Tell us about your best consignment purchase.

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