8 Gigs for Women Over 50

The second act of your career can oftentimes be the most rewarding. By this point in our lives, we usually know what our strengths are and have developed a niche of understanding within our field. Or we have the opportunity to explore new and exciting career paths that we’ve always dreamed of.

Our ability to transform after 50 makes it the perfect time to start thinking about new ways to make extra income and explore new interests. We’ve put together a few career opportunities that offer all those great benefits and will give you the flexibility you need for designing the life you want after 50.

Check out these eight career ideas:

  1. Online Customer Service

Companies like Amazon, Expedia, and American Express are always looking for individuals who can work from home and provide customer service. These individuals often create their own schedules and have a ton of flexibility to plan their day. Another great feature is that the need is around the clock. So, if you’re a night owl, you can work as late as you’d like or if you’re a morning bird, there is a time slot for you as well.

  1. Driving Professional (Lyft, Uber, Postmates, Instacart)

With the boom of at-home shopping, the need for grocery and food delivery is growing. Additionally, if you like to meet new people and don’t mind taking a few laps around the city, becoming an Uber or Lyft driver could be perfect for you. The money is accessible instantly and they offer great bonuses the more rides you take or during peak hours.

  1. Real Estate

This career opportunity can go in two directions. If you’ve always been interested in being a real estate agent, the licensure process is usually pretty short. If sales isn’t your scene, you can always be an Real Estate Associate. This individual can show homes and provide information during open houses.

  1. Home Health Aid 

Websites like Care.com and others are always looking for individuals who can provide care and companionship to aging peers. This is a great feel-good career option for anyone who loves to help or who may have a nursing background but doesn’t want the heavy hours of working in a hospital.

  1. Craftpreneur

Websites like Etsy and Fiverr have opened up a whole new market for individuals looking to sell their crafting talents online. I have a friend that makes pottery, and once her practicing yielded too many objects, she went on to open tables at different arts festivals and community markets.

  1. Teaching

Teaching as a second-act career is a great way to share the knowledge you’ve gained from your industry or field. The possibilities are truly endless. You can be a teacher at an elementary or high school, provide college/university instruction as an adjunct professor, or provide tutoring on a niche subject for college students.

  1. Consulting  

If you’ve worked in an industry that requires lots of certifications or analysis, becoming a consultant is a great way to continue in the field you know the most about while helping companies and small businesses become stronger while also maintaining your flexibility.

  1. Tax Preparation

Tax preparation skills can be used year-round, but in this second-act opportunity, you know that your busiest times will be between January and April of each year, leaving you the remainder of the year to update your knowledge and travel the world.

What have you found joy doing in your second-act career?

Jamila Taylor

World traveler, strategic planner, stylist, and food enthusiast. Jamila loves to travel the world tasting new flavors, and exploring local cultures. When she's not traveling on her magic carpet she's helping small businesses through her boutique consulting firm, Enjoy the Day Consulting. Follow her travels @justjamila


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