About That $1.99 T-shirt

I love T-shirts because they are so functional, whether you wear them with jeans, casual or dress pants, a dressy skirt, or evening attire…you can’t go wrong. So where do I purchase mine?   Any Gabriel Brother stores. 

You can purchase the necklace by clicking on the YSW Accessory and Pearl’s link. https://yourstylishways.com/ysw-shop-for-style/

  The little black T-shirt accented with fur sleeves. The whole top with the sleeves cost about $8.00. You can purchase the gold beaded necklace from our YSW Collection by clicking on the link. /https://yourstylishways.com/ysw-shop-for-style/



The T-shirts come in just about every color you could imagine. Here it is in grey. You can get the silver multi-strand necklace for the YSW Collection. At this time we only have one left. https://yourstylishways.com/ysw-shop-for-style/


Can you really go wrong with a $1.99 T-shirt. Accent them with the YSW Collection beads that you can purchase at this link. https://yourstylishways.com/ysw-shop-for-style/


  1. You are fabulous!!!!
    I love your style. And I agree, you can’t go wrong with a $2 T. The accessories elevated the look without fail.

    Marsha (52)

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