About that Dress: Style is Ageless

Regardless of your age, style, or comfort zone,  the ideal choice of clothing can still help you look a little younger effortlessly, without making you look as if you are trying to look youthful.

I have always loved versatile, functional, and fun garments.  As I reached a certain age, I began reassessing my wardrobe to determine items that I might simply be too old to wear. 

The Top

Shortly before the scheduled birthday photoshoot, I ran across this Rachel Parcell bell sleeve sweater on the Nordstrom’s website on sale for only $22.00. I love bell and flares sleeves because they give an ensemble a certain kind of elegance. The fabric is stretch nylon, so I can wear it throughout the year. It also came in red, which I should have purchased.

The Skirt

I needed to find the right outfit to make a statement about the ageless style for my 60th birthday celebration. In a search for the gear, I found a skirt that had been in my closet for about 15 years. With a few minor adjustments, I was able to make it fit.

I love the mermaid silhouette style because the outline gives you an hourglass shape even if it is an illusion. It is the way the skirt hugs your hips then flares at the bottom, creating a figure-flattering compliment to your body.

I found this skirt at Ann Taylor during a trip to Atlanta to attend a star-studded event.  Luckily, the length was just right for my height (5’3′) frame; tripping over the hem  was the least of my concerns

You can find similar skirts on bridal websites. The best part is, you can pair it with almost any type of top you like.

I suggest you look for this skirt on a bridal site.


Accessorizing comes naturally to me because I love experimenting with items you wouldn’t normally think to wear as an accessory.  I have worn napkin rings and other household items. I took a $5.00 Paparazzi crystal necklace and wore it as a chunky bracelet. I chose to wear the matching earrings as pins. They were subtle yet still added a little sparkle to my basic black.

Overall, the ensemble was fundamental, with subtle pieces that created a stunning, sophisticated, classic look…one that I was able to closely duplicate from 15 years ago. That is what having classic clothing is all about; they never go out of style just like you; they are ageless.

The Shoes

Shoes by Steve Madden

I customarily wear basic black pumps with evening attire. However, I saw a short black cocktail dress worn with a pair of animal print pumps on Pinterest, and I loved how daring it looked.  I would have never associated animal print with evening clothes, but that particular style inspired my decision.

The heels were quite comfortable, probably about 3 inches high, which is my limit on heel height. As I got older, my heels got shorter. Overall, I liked the pairing of the two.

Some of my most stylish shoes came from online consignment sights like Poshmark and eBay. I purchased these off of Poshmark about a year ago.



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