At My Age: Saving the Skin I’m In

Ever since being pregnant with my first child 37 years ago, I have been obsessed with soaking in a bathtub of very hot water. As a result, my skin began to suffer.

All those years of indulgence left my skin parched and desperate for moisture. My skin became drier than ever, and no amount of cleanser or moisturizer seemed to help. Cleansers came and went, promising relief but falling short of my expectations.

Recalling a speaker at a health event who spoke about safer beauty products, I took to Facebook to reconnect with the expert to seek advice on how to ease my skin’s misery. 

Ola Skin

She responded by informing me about a product she thought might work. With renewed hope, I followed her expert recommendation on how to soothe my suffering skin. I ordered a large bottle, and within weeks of using it, my skin was relieved of the dry, itchy skin that once plagued me. 

The product is Alaffia unscented black liquid soap. I had tried other black soaps, but some brands made my skin even drier.

Alaffia has multiple uses. In addition to a daily body wash, I now use it on my hair and as a face cleanser. I am not being paid for this testimony, but I am an affiliate on Amazon, which is where you can purchase if you click the link above. I also included some of my other favorites.

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