Beat the Heat The Stylish Way

Ola’s Going Back to Her Roots!

To say that it is hot outside would be an understatement. We try to keep cool in every way we can. One way that helps us to beat the heat is to transform our hair into something cool and comfortable.

Finding a summer style that is carefree and comfortable helps to keep us from having to worry about hair maintenance in 90-plus degree weather.

I can’t imagine a weekly appointment evolving a blow dryer and flat iron especially with the heat and humanity. Not to mention that many of my mornings include a good workout and some sweat equity; and you know how some of us will forgo a good gym visit to save our hair.

I like the fact that no extra hair was added to my cornrows and it only took about an hour.  To add a little flavor I accessorized with these two colorful bands that can accent anything I wear.

I beat the heat, saved time in the morning and cut cost by having my great niece hook me up.

My scalp feels so cool!


  1. Thanks! No, the ends were just to straight when I took them out. But, I’m going to do this more often to spare my hair of the heat.

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