YSW Home: Repurpose and Restyle For Small Storage

I never considered myself much of a decorator. In fact, I haven’t purchased furniture in decades other than a few items that I recycled from some flea market.

I am a woman who is trying to downsize, so adding more furniture defeats my purpose and interferes with my plans to live a simpler life in a simpler home environment.

The majority of items that I have added to my home are items that I got from yard sales. Yes, one person’s junk is another person’s transformational treasure.

The original owner of this basket or wine holder unit used it to store onions, potatoes, and other veggies inside.

I have so many scarves that I don’t really have a lot of places to put them. I can place this chest in my closet.
If you have a small bathroom you can place a few towels down the bottom, or place this in the bedroom and add a few throw blankets below.
You can store cosmetics, hair care products, or any of your personal items in this basket.
I covered the bottom with an old towel so the spray paint would not touch the black legs.
Pick-up a can of paint to help you with your home transformations:

Ola’s Self-care Note: What a great analogy of life, taking something that seems as if it was worthless and could be thrown away, and bringing out the best in it. See what a little love can do. It is like life. You can breathe life into what may have appeared to be lifeless. 

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