Catherine Cooper’s Seven Steps to Self-care


  1. Self -Reflection

Take – and I do mean TAKE time to check in with YOU! For most of us, especially women, our current society pushes us to rush for almost EVERYTHING. Carve out moments to gather your thoughts and discern what you’re feeling right where you are (sometimes literally). There is no right or wrong way to do this. This can potentially cause you to go in deep…it’s ok!

Self- reflection is a process… For many of us, this is most beneficial immediately after our waking time. (Just a note – everyone’s “day” does not begin with morning or the sun’s rising.) Remind yourself that it is a birthright to experience a level of balance and wellness. Breathe! Our breath is a blessing.


  1. Signs and Synchronicities

             I believe that what we call intuition is actually a higher form of intelligence.

 As women, we usually have been endowed with a greater portion of this than (most) men – which is why in varying degrees, the power of it has been minimized throughout history.  Pay attention! I believe that if you notice something, it was MEANT to be noticed. These clues are sometimes an integral part of our “next steps” that support us in our healthiest direction.


  1. Setting Boundaries

This is a crucial building block of self-care and wellness. Our boundaries serve us best when they are firm – not rigid – but firm. Sometimes, we may find it necessary to amend them or choose to adjust them, but it’s helpful to keep in mind we have established them for our protection. As the clichés go: “NO is a complete sentence” and “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. Being self-directed is not the same thing as being selfish or callous. Be willing to put yourself first – unapologetically.


  1. Search It Out

Listen…when adding self-care to our “toolbox” it’s helpful and sometimes necessary search out what will add to our wellness. It’s personal and unique to who we are. For example, for decades, I was curious about flotation therapy, and FINALLY about a year ago after researching the service, I did it! It was such a benefit to me…to be still in body temperature water…just me and my thoughts. So, whether is a massage, a salt room, a facial, a retreat – do your research and go for it! Sometimes it may be a sacrifice – look for discounted services (i.e.; Groupon). You’re worth it!


  1. Socializing

As women, we are typically geared for connection and community. Amid our current (COVID19) viral pandemic, being social has a different look and feel. Socializing is a part of who we are; the events, the lunches, coffee chats, happy hours, book launches…ohhhh how we took some of it for granted! Our face-to-face gatherings added to our healthy sense of self perhaps more than we realized. What do we do now? Enter social media platforms and technology – we have been forced to shift. We probably find ourselves being nostalgic about social interacting in a time frame we were not prepared for. Pledge to yourself to give your best effort to appreciate our increasingly virtual world. We are creative, innovative, and resilient. At, some point, the connection is connection.


  1. Satisfaction

Be at peace and confident about what YOU like. …what brings YOU joy – what YOU consider fun – what YOU consider satisfying. It is sometimes through simple things. I’ve reclaimed somethings even from my childhood: building jigsaw puzzles, coloring, doodling, knitting, reading books, playing in jewelry… As I’m writing this, the thought came to me…I may return to playing with dolls 😊! Explore what may speak to you.

7. Summation

Put it ALL together! Sum up your experience. Bask in it. Toot your own Horn!  It’s YOUR story. YOUR testimony. It’s YOUR reminder of your power and value…You matter. When you prioritize the care of YOURself you are positioned to be the full expression of what inspires and strengthens someone else to keep going. It’s the circle of life.


Photographer: Roy Cox Studios
MUA: Bth Artistry


Catherine Cooper is a Wardrobe Stylist, Mom, Grand Mom, Mature Muse and Model, Truth Seeker. Lover of all creative things that add to abundant life and transformation. She presently works in the airline industry. Follow her on Instragram @CreativelyCat (personal page) and @lookoverthehype (style and thrifting).



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