Chair Swag: Signature Seating


If decorating your home is a priority for the upcoming year opposed to revamping the entire room, you may want to consider adding just a few extra touches, like a chair. Why not start with the one piece of furniture in the room that can make the entire ambiance POP!

There is something about a chair that can become the main focus of a room. Chairs are a great accent piece to any room; just as a great accessory would be to your basic black dress. You don’t have to worry about decorating the entire room no more than you would have to throw out all of the clothes in your closet. Just add a few essential chairs to complement what you already have and watch the magic happen.

If you are not interested or unable to stretch your budget too far; a re-upholstered chair, or a slipcover can save you time and money without sacrificing the charm and sophistication that you desire. Remember that today’s slipcovers (not like the ones grandma’s had) are very stylish.

Do not concern yourself with getting a full set of the same chairs for those worn-out dining room tables. If you find that you could only get your hands on a couple of chairs, mix them with different style chairs and coordinate them together to display your own sense of decorating savvy.

Whether for your living room, dining room table, or an extra chair in your sitting area, replacing your chair can be just what you need to add your signature touch. The right chair can be a great conversation piece to engage your guests.  Place them in the corner of the room to add color, style, substance, and a whole lot of attitude.

Consider searching in vintage shops or resale stores for distinctive designs. This can also be cost efficient. Also, check with your hotels to see if they have items that they may be replacing.


Try opting for a color that you would not have usually selected. Be adventurous by stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s all about color, style, shape and purpose.

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