Cheap Chic: Don’t Wear Your Bank on Your Back

Don’t Wear Your Bank on Your Back. I love a good bargain, but a purchase is only a good buy if you can benefit by getting a return on your investment.

Your clothes should be an investment, not an expense. The best way to invest is to ensure you get the most mileage out of your garments. When you purchase an item, consider it a canvas and look for at least three other pieces to wear with it.

I seldom wear red, so I pondered over the decision to purchase this J. Crew red lace skirt that I bought on a Facebook Live thrifting show called A Look Not a Label.  Later, while at a craft store, I saw a red decorative ribbon. I immediately thought of my red skirt.  No, the patterns don’t match, but they complement one another.

But how will I make a belt out of this ribbon? I took my own advice about removing items from a garment before throwing it away. I had a print dress that I didn’t wear often, so I removed the belt buckle off the belt and sewed it onto my red ribbon.

Lace Ribbon

Later, I found this red purse at a thrift shop.

You cannot go wrong when you invest in a white button-down shirt. Nothing goes better with a red garment than a pair of red shoes.
My completed ensemble got so many compliments. This entire ensemble was well under $50.00. We stuck with a shopping mantra that we have since trademarked a mantra: “Don’t Wear Your Bank on Your Back.”

We couldn’t find you a red lace skirt, but check out this hot tulip skirt. A white shirt is a must-have. I prefer one that is slightly oversized, like the one below. You must have a pair of red pumps in your wardrobe. Please note that it is okay to wear suede pumps all year long.

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