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Color Me Naturally

Color Me Naturally

Color Me Naturally

Color Me Naturally

Color Me Naturally

You can have my relaxer. I don’t ever want it back. But, my hair dye is a keeper. Nothing makes a style pop like some highlights.

I love hair color. I have been experimenting for the last decade; especially after I went natural. I have opted for a natural hair color product that I purchase from the health food store.

Although I dye my hair myself, I go to a salon to get the highlights. I never dye the back of my hair because it is too fragile and has broken even when I use a gentle dye.

Although it says it will remove the grey, I do find that part to be a challenge because no matter what, my grey patch seems to peep out of the color.

I opt for the earth tones and try not to go too far away from my natural color. Due to the grey patch in the front of my hair, no matter what I use the grey ends up looking like a blonde streak.

img_4174Hair Color Chart
I must say I do get a lot of compliments, and I actually like most of the many colors that I have sampled.

The colors seem to make the hair pop, but some people are concerned about the damage related to hair dye. I have experienced very little damage, other than when I went much lighter than I should have.

Overall, I have been using this product for years and will continue to do so. You can find it at both the Food Co-op, and a similar product in Whole Foods. I am certain you can find it all over the country.

For the holiday season, you know you got to have that knock-out dress and killer shoes, but your hair is going to have to pull the look altogether.  If you don’t feel safe dying your hair on your own consult with your hairstylist.

In Pittsburgh, you can purchase at the Food Co-op, and other health food stores.

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