Fabric is the Foundation of a Good Garment

FabricPencilskirtPencilskirtBefore I headed off to college, I attended a 2-year school for fashion merchandising. As I wrote in a previous posts, I believed that I wanted a career in fashion merchandising so that I could take a trip to New York. I did end up getting a trip to New York via a school field trip and I did work in fashion.

During my studies I had to engage in the boring task of counting the number of threads in a fiber, then I had to name each thread and memorize them all. Through this activity I learned the higher the thread count the better the fabric.

To this very day, I can detect good fabric when I see it on the rack in any store. Even though I shop resale and thrift; I seldom compromise when it comes to the quality of the fabric that I select. Fabric is the foundation for quality clothing.

Just because you want to save money, doesn’t mean you should fall short on the quality; if you do then you have not really made an investment.

Select fabrics that are seasonal. You can purchase a great wool garment that can take you throughout the year. No need to put everything away simply because the season has changed. Good lightweight wool travels throughout most of the year, mainly September to June.

Is there a garment in your closet that works for you all year round?  Separate them so as the seasons change.

Tell us about how you give your wardrobe longevity by selecting your fabrics wisely.

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