Fashion Transformation: Under the Cuff


I absolutely love these faux fur detachable cuffs. They come in so many different colors, and since they are elastic, the stretch material enables them to fit just about any wrist size. You do NOT have to sew them on.

They come in small and large sizes. While the smaller cuffs fit comfortably over any sleeve; the larger cuffs can fit nicely over the sleeves of a blazer, suit jacket or coat.

Adding these very inexpensive accessories over your sleeves can make a fashion transformation to a garment that you already have.

Business, church, or dressy…these cuffs add a flavor of sophistication.

You can wear a basic black dress to work then later add these black cuffs to create a sophisticated cocktail evening ensemble. As for that coat that you have been wearing for some time, but can use a jolt, these cuffs just may be the answer to make an updated transformation.

You can take a basic sweater and make it pop with these fur sleeves.

The fake fur cuffs come in just about every color from black to grey – earthy hues and bright colorful jewel tones.

Consider the red cuff if wearing a red knit dress or gown. You can also mixthe brown or taupe cuffs with a black dress to add contrast. If you really want to be adventurous, imagine pairing a black top with the white cuffs.

Another nice idea is to add fur cuffs over your gloves or a pair of boots. If you happen to have a garment that has sleeves that are too short, these cuffs can make a great filler to lengthen the sleeves.

Adding these cuffs to your ensemble can stretch your budget and stretch your wardrobe at the same. You can get them on Amazon. Use our affiliate link: 


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