Fitness 101: 6 Tools To Help You Stay Focused

My friend Sandra Edmonds-Pierce swears by her Fitbit Blaze. It looks so much like a stylish watch, but seems to have everything you may need to keep you in touch with your inner fitness guru.

Get Ready, Get Set…Go, go, go!

Time to say good-bye to fad diets. By now we should get the message, that they just don’t seem to work. There are diets that do work; but trying to make them work for us may be the problem.  I always keep in mind that the word “diet” starts with “die.”

The book stores are full of aisles promoting some supposedly new and innovative way to slim down effortlessly and quickly.

Celebrities tell us that they have finally found the secret to a lifelong weight loss plan and for a small fee, we too, can achieve the same goals, even though we have different lifestyles. We have less time and a smaller budget (oh, and don’t forget, no access to plastic surgery). Over the years, many of these endorsers have joined the ranks of the average dieter, but gained the weight back.

There are healthy weight maintenance programs with proven track records, but just might cause a problem adapting to due to of certain behavior transformation.

After all, successful weight loss is more about changing our behavior than anything else. So, we have to determine if we need help with food and exercise, or if we need help adapting our behavior to motivate us to alter our eating and exercise habits; along with a support system to keep us focused.

Today, there are so many tools to use to get you started and to keep you motivated that the only thing stopping you may simply be staying motivated.

Whether you want to plan your meals, count calories, track your eating, monitor your heart rate or schedule your workout activities, there are products and apps that holds you accountable, and community and digital exercise sessions that can help you.

Your health and wellness should be one of your greatest investments. Nothing nurtures your health more than committing to being a well woman. If you are really dedicated, you may end up with a routine that you can live with for a very long time and not have to worry about trying to get a quick fix for those special occasions or finding yourself needing a jolt every January.

  1. Fitbit Trackers

Okay, I’m hooked! I love the look, I love how they function, and I love all that they have to offer. To me, they are a one-stop shop and I don’t have to move beyond my wrist; or at the most… check my cell phone to see the benefits of my fitness program. They have such a large variety of products that I am certain you’ll find something that will meet your need(s). They have changeable bands, various price ranges and styles. And most come with changeable bands to give you color options.

2. SparkPeople

Customize your weight maintenance program with the free Spark People App. Nothing helps me stay on track better than planning my meals. The Spark People is just as good as any food planner, fitness tracker and calorie counter that you pay for. It seems to be a very popular app for the fitness conscious.

3. Runkeeper

My friend introduced me to this one prior to her graduating to the FitBit. Free for iOS 8.0 and Android. Runkeeper tracks your progress, monitors the pace, distance, and counts calorie. This was the first tracker that I had ever used, and I recommend it.

4. YouTube

If you can’t find it on YouTube then it must not exist. I am sure there is something, or someone who could accommodate your fitness needs. Use their search engine to find your fitness needs.

5. Move with Mack

Why not have a virtual fitness trainer right in your home or whenever you want a private session? This may help you if you need a little more guidance and persuasion to workout. Also, it’s great for people who don’t have the time to make it to the gym; yet desire some personal inspiration.

6. The Right Gear

Feeling good while you are trying to look good go hand-in-hand. Make sure you have your workout gear in place. You need to have on the right items, and they should be comfortable. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style, nor do you have to break the bank to acquire the appropriate workout attire. Places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls have a great collection of workout clothes/gear. Also, check out the sales racks. Your main budget should not go to clothing that is not a part of your primary wardrobe.

When it comes to tennis shoes, you do want to get the best. I usually check with someone who is a seasoned fitness person to get advice with their experiences with different products.

Share your workout tools with us, and we may mention them in our next newsletter.


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