Game Night Keeps Our Family Bond

Contributed by Lena Walls

Growing up in a single parent household; my mom had 6 girls to raise and I knew it was not easy on her. But I, personally, loved it!! Especially since I was the youngest. Mom always said, “We were all we had” meaning herself, me and my sisters. We grew up a close knit family.

Before our mom’s passing, whenever we gathered for Game Night/Happy Hour, I always got excited! It meant that my sisters & I were getting together under one roof and Mom got to see all her girls… together. Yes, there has been sibling rivalry, but on this day, or the day before, the rivalry ceased. And just as we were taught, at the end of the day – WE ARE SISTERS! Something neither of us would change for anything in the world.

So, let me explain more about why this gathering is so important and therapeutic for me. Game Night/Happy Hour is filled with music, food, cocktails, lots of laughter, fun and competition! We always have a good time; just coming together warms my heart. I work two jobs so I have little time for myself to do things that are relaxing. I look forward to these nights with my sisters so we can catch up with one another and enjoy each other’s company. The food, cocktails and laughter are added bonuses. At the end of the night, I am full… not just with food, but with love and gratitude!

Even after the passing of our mother, my sisters and I continue that close knit family bond that was instilled in us by our mom. I am not sure when we started Happy Hour/Game Night, but we still love getting together although it’s been rough without my mom’s presence. It’s a way for me to honor her, but it’s also therapeutic for me.

My mom wanted for her girls to always be close and look out for one another and this night means so much more to me than just a gathering of sisters; it’s in honor of our mother, whose legacy lives on in each one of us.

YSW Self-care: Staying connected to family members is a great way to be reminded of how much people really do love you even if they don’t often say it. There is no greater bond than sisters. Arrange to get together for some fun, food and family time with your loved ones.


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  1. Not only can your sisters be there as a family unit, but they are your best friends, as well. Thanks for sharing your story Lena Walls!!!

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