Hire a Seamstress and Get it for Less!

img_4038This bright pink dress was exactly what I wanted, that was until I saw the price tag.  The simple silhouette fit my style, but with an over $1000.00 price tag,  it didn’t fit my budget. I didn’t let the price tag stop me. I have the most awesome seamstress who was great at altering my suits, but could she remake this high-end designer dress?

I knew this was the type of dress I wanted long before it even popped up on the screen. I was having a struggle trying to describe the dress to my seamstress. When I was completely unsuccessful, I went to search through the Pinterest site, and the dress was on the very first page.

The perfect fabric

The best part was that my seamstress found the most perfect fabric in the exact color that I prefferred. I cimg_4042ouldn’t ask for anything better than what she had chosen. What was even better was that she was able to  make it in 24 hours. I got so many compliments that I even asked for it in different colors.

So, if you happen to find an absolute must-have garment with a price tag slightly above your limit, consider having it sewn to your liking. Keep in mind you must have a qualified, experienced seamstress; get referrals and ask to see her work.

The lining
The lining

Make sure you are clear on the cost and the turn around time for completion. Remember “Style is not a price tag



  1. Ola, Could you recommend a Quality Seamstress in the Tampa, Florida area? Or do you know anyone that may be able to recommend someone in Tampa?

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