Girls Who Wear Glasses: The Necessity Accessory

I have been buying reading glasses for so long that I forgot what it was like to have a real pair of eyeglasses. I heard that you can get a great deal online, so I gave it a try.

I purchased a pair of frames from one online company, but I really didn’t love them when they arrived. They have been sitting in my dresser for almost a year.

Then I came across the online Warby Parker and right away, these frames were calling my name. They had “Ola” written all over them. They were the shape I needed, the style I liked and the pattern was “perfect”.

I didn’t have to search another minute. The frames I chose were $99.00, plus they offer a basic prescription lenses for nothing extra; but I needed bifocals. They fill higher prescriptions for much more.

I took the frames to an eye doctor and had them filled because I wanted my insurance to cover some of the cost; you have to check with your insurance company to see if you can take advantage of your insurance coverage with online purchases.

I have already gotten several compliments when I wear them, and I find them very chic and they fit my personal style. I plan on purchasing the same frames in black just to have a backup.  They are frames that I will certainly re-order. 

I got a little education from the optometrist. I was told to stop using tissue and other fabric to clean my glasses; which was a daily habit. She gifted me with some sample cleaners.

I still keep my backup wear in the car, in my purse and where ever else I might find I need an emergency pair of eyewear. 

Our glasses reflect our image; they are for more then just a necessity they are an accessory.

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