Give Your Holiday Party a Pop!

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Give Your Holiday Party a Pop!
Give it a cause

If you know you will be hosting a large holiday party with guests from both your personal and professional life, it might be a great opportunity to invite your guests to make contributions to your favorite charity. While coming out of pocket can be touchy for some individuals, you can stress that any amount is appreciated. Those who do contribute will walk away with that warm and fuzzy feeling that they were able to give during the holiday season. To make this party pop, be sure to stress that there are no suggested donation amounts as you don’t want guests feeling like they have to pay an entry fee to your party.

Give Your Holiday Party a Pop!

Give Your Holiday Party a Pop!
Gift and goody bags

Small takeaways and tokens are a great way for your guests to enjoy the holiday party long after it’s over. As they are nibbling on those homemade cookies, taking sips of that gourmet hot chocolate, or slathering on your holiday scented shea butter, they will be reminded of the incredible evening they spent with you and friends. These tokens do not have to cost a fortune (#dollartree) and you can even ask guests to contribute to the goodie bags in lieu of bringing a bottle or a dish to share. Photo by Anastasia Gubarieva from Unsplash

Give Your Holiday Party a Pop!
Unique games

Holiday inspired and remixed games are a great way to get friends and family in the holiday spirit. Some great places to start would be; pin the star on the Christmas tree or pin the flame on the menorah; homemade table topics that ask questions about holiday experiences or desires; holiday charades; and Christmas tree/ Turkey day day bingo. There are so many ways you can remix your favorites to include a holiday theme, so have fun with it! Photo by Jaciel Melnik from Unsplash

Give them something to talk about, it’s not just the title to a song. It should also be the way you plan and host your holiday events. When your guests leave your holiday party, you want them to carry that fun and loving experience all the way to the new year. Your Stylish Ways has a few fantastic ideas for ensuring those warm and fuzzy feeling. Click that arrow to learn more. 

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