Hair: Gone Yesterday…Here Today!

Hair: The way it was!

 Last November, I used a very popular hair care product that I attribute to causing several large bald spots on my head.

This was taken in January and March

Although the manufacturer of the pre-wash and leave-in conditioner had a class-action lawsuit, I continued to use it since I had no problem with it in the past.

I started using it months before the worse started to occur. About a month after my first use, my hairstylist spotted a tiny bald spot in my hair. A few months later, I had the worse balding that I had ever experienced in my entire life.

I could not even wear my hair exposed outside my house due to the severe damage. Not even my regular use of Biotin, Vitamin-D, or black castor oil could prevent the effects of this popular, heavily promoted brand.

For 5-months, I struggled to get my hair healthy again prior to using the product listed below.
One day, I went to the health food store and inquired with one of the respected sales associates about suggestions to fix my hair problem. The very knowledgeable employee told me about a product called CellFood Essential Silica Formula.
According to the description on their site:
This formulation is designed to provide foundational support for:
  • nails, hair, skin, teeth, and gums
  • bones, joints, muscles
  • connective tissue
  • heart + brain function
  • helping accelerate the body’s natural recovery time

Within 3 weeks of using the drops in my water, I could see the difference in my hair growth. I documented the progress on a weekly basis. I can tell you that today, my bald spots have grown by about 95%. It even made a major area on the top of my head even thicker than it was, prior to the balding dilemma.

My hair continued to grow in other spots that weren’t balding, but I ended up cutting it down to a TWA since I couldn’t get to a salon to even it out. I could not be happier. My bald spots are about 90% gone.

Click on the link to get your bottle.


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