Hats to Top off Your Ensemble

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Hats to Top off Your Ensemble

Hats to Top off Your Ensemble

Hats to Top off Your Ensemble


There is something about hats that can really top off the most basic attire or your dressiest ensemble. Hats come in all styles, sizes and textures, but the Fedora seems to be my hat of choice. Unlike any other item in your wardrobe; the hat is the accessory that completes the look.

Hats are more than just an item to block out the sun rays and give our skin a little shade. Hats also protect our hair; but most of all they are an accessory that tops off our ensemble. They say that shoes make the outfit; but it is the hat that can complete the ensemble.

Custom, trendy or simply chic…you can have the variety of your choice.  Hats enable us to express our individuality and they reflect a lot of our personality.

I like going to the men’s department to select hats. If you purchase them from a consignment store, please clean out the inside with alcohol. Make sure you store them on a hat rack or wig figurine so that at they won’t lose their shape.

Remember, no one hat fits all.  If you see a lady looking fly in her hat, it doesn’t mean the hat will work for your face shape or even your body type. You don’t want to wear a tiny hat on a voluptuous body; nor do you want to be overpowered by a “Flying Nun” hat.

Fedora’s are stylish, sassy and some even say, “sexy.”



Get a hat that flatters your face shape and your attitude. Let us know what type of hats you like.



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