Home is where the staycation is!

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Home is where the staycation is!
Movies in the park

Movies in the park are reminiscent of old drive-in movies you’d take in with your parents. To make the experience even more enjoyable pop some popcorn, pack yourself a picnic for dinner, grab your foldable chairs or large blanket, and bring a few bottles of water. Most times, the movie choices are retro and always family friendly so whether you’re making it a date or evening with the family everyone is sure to enjoy themselves. Image from: Tom Low

Home is where the staycation is!

Home is where the staycation is!
Spa splurge

What woman doesn't like to be pampered. When was the last time you shared a pampering experience among friends

Home is where the staycation is!
Free days at parks and museums

Almost every cultural district in America offers a free day or two to explore their facilities and see any free installations. You can plan your staycation around a suite of event days like these. If it’s in the middle of the week, you can take the kids from school early to take advantage of a free day at the zoo or museum. I’ve found that they often do these free days in the middle of summer, which is even better. Take a look at your cities visitors website or call a museum, park, or place you’ve been meaning to visit and ask when their next free day is! Image from: Scott Webb

Home is where the staycation is!
Hotel check-in

Hotels offer so many more amenities than we have at home. With restaurants attached, pools, and saunas you can often check in and enjoy the quiet with noise cancellation walls, room service, and more. Travel sites like priceline, hotwire, and trivago allow you to find wonderful rates on hotels that offer all the amenities you’re looking for. You can check-in at a location outside of your community, if you live in the country, check in downtown and explore your local metropolitan city or vice versa. It’s also a great place for the kids to expend lots energy and have a change of scenery. Image from: Nik Lanús

Home is where the staycation is!
Home makeovers

Your home is a living breathing thing and always in need of a repair or two. While you’re staycationing, get the family involved in painting the family room or choosing new colors for the kitchen. You can use the travel savings on creating a brand new living space with accents and decor. You can even do some planning before your break begins so no time is wasted on choosing what you’re going to do. Make the most of your rejuvenating time close to home.

Home is where the staycation is!

A more glamorous take on camping is perfect for the less than outdoors type. Find a local state park that offers cabins instead of tents. This allows you to take rejuvenating showers after a long hike and cook in a functioning kitchen if that’s your choice. With glamping, you can choose the level of outdoor time you wish to engage in. You can still build a fire and have s’mores with friends and family and after you can be inside away from the mosquitos cuddling by the fire. Image from: Autumn Mott

Home is where the staycation is!

Ready for a real-world outdoor treasure hunt? Try Geocaching. This is a relatively new activity but loads of fun. It’s a great activity because you can create your own cache with the kids or find one’s left by others. If you choose to create your own, you can log-on to the Geocaching website and log your coordinates. If you’re on the hunt for treasure, you can always download the app and spend the staycation looking for treasure in your neck of the woods. Image from:Jean-Frederic Fortier

Home is where the staycation is!
Friends and family game night

Take family game night to the next level by inviting other families and friend groups for a little healthy competition. You can have marathon spades games, Wii bowling tournaments, or week-long Monopoly Mogul games. Ramp up the fun even more with a grand prize like a homemade trophy you can pass back and forth between the winning families. Image from: Pawel Kadysz

Home is where the staycation is!
Day tripping

State parks and beaches make great destinations for staycation day trips. Often times these locations have additional outdoor activities like tubing down the river, amusement parks, and Ferris wheels. The ideal day trip destinations are within 1-3 hours from home and give you the opportunity to explore a new city or place you’ve had on your list for weeks, months, and years. For the adults, visiting semi-local wineries, and distilleries are always fun, while farms and dairies offer lots of activities you can do as a family like fruit picking and animal petting. Image from: Caleb Whiting


  1. a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

These mini getaways from work give us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and family as well as renew the mind for completing final projects and starting new objectives at work.

It’s a common misconception that your vacation time needs to be spent exploring the countryside, when in fact, you can stay right at home and get just as much rejuvenation as you would spending days walking through Paris or backpacking through South America.

Your Stylish Ways is offering up 10 power packed ways to spend your next vacation whether it’s with family or taking some much needed alone time.

Image from: nomao saeki

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