How to Use Car Rentals for Your Family Getaway on Big Island, Hawaii

Big Island is a wonderful destination, drawing in families from across the globe. For families who want to maximize their vacation time on this fantastic island, it is best to rent a car. Using a car rental is one of the best ways to visit and experience what Big Island has to offer, as you will be able to easily move around and fit even more into your jam-packed itinerary. Below, this article will explain how you can utilize a car rental for your family getaway to Big Island.

1. Prepare your auto insurance and book early

While you don’t need your own car insurance to rent a vehicle on Big Island—especially since specific rental agencies have minimal coverage on their vehicles—having one will protect you and your family from any unforeseen accidents. For reference, Enterprise offers the cheapest insurance at $52 per day, which includes a collision damage waiver and personal accident insurance. Once you’ve prepared your auto insurance, book your rental car as soon as you book your flights and accommodation. After all, these services are often in-demand, and you could end up in a situation where you can’t get the best vehicle for your trip, especially if you want a specialized vehicle like a 4×4. The more prepared you are, the more choice you will have in terms of the vehicle you want. Which leads us nicely to the point below.

2. Choose the right vehicle

Big Island is home to diverse regions with various terrains. As such, it’s crucial to know what specific vehicle your family will need in regard to where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing. You can easily check out the different Big Island car rentals to find a private car that matches your family’s unique needs. If you’re a smaller family staying near a resort, then a sedan will likely suit you. However, for larger families, you may need the extra space of a van. Meanwhile, families with older kids or those who are up for more challenging terrain can look to invest in a Jeep. If you’re still undecided on which vehicle fits your family the most, talk with a customer service agent who can answer all your questions!

3. Be smart about where you gas up

An important consideration when you rent a car is being mindful of where to gas up. Remember, gas in Hawaii is typically more expensive than the national average since it gets shipped in. Aside from this, you wouldn’t want to spoil your fun by running out of fuel in the middle of your day trip. One of the most cost-effective ways to gas up is to find a Costco location on Big Island, like the one located in Kailua-Kona. There, they offer cheaper gas prices compared to other gas stations. As a bonus, if you have a Costco Visa card and an Executive membership, then you can earn 6% back when you fill your gas tank at the warehouse.

4. Create a unique road trip experience

Apart from tourist sites like Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, there are other hidden gems on Big Island that you and your family will love. By renting a car, you can go on a road trip to get acquainted with unique spots around the island. And don’t worry about getting lost; as our post ‘6 Amazing Road Trip Experiences’ points out, road trips map creators like Google Maps and Road Trippers can help you find these sites! A great place to visit is the Laupahoehoe Train Museum in Hilo. Afterward, you can head north towards the town of Waimea to stop by Parker Ranch if you have adrenaline-seeking teenagers who are interested in horseback riding or ATV adventures. Whichever fun site or national landmark you want to include in your road trip, a car rental makes it easy to get to them.

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