Is a Capsule Wardrobe for You?

Is a Capsule Wardrobe for you? By Jamila Taylor

Thanks to Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the idea of closet editing and capsule wardrobes are all the rage right now. If you’re a seasoned fashion friendly person like myself, you know that your wardrobe is an investment you’ve slowly cultivated and crafted into various looks that represent the outward expression of your character.

Many think of a capsule wardrobe as shopping for 30-40 pieces of clothing that you can mix and match daily to create a years worth of looks. Little know, it was first coined in the 1970’s by a fashion boutique owner named Susie Faux, (London) for very small spaces; then later by Donna Karen when promoting her 30 essentials line. I’m sure that some have mastered the art of a 30 piece wardrobe, but lets face it we didn’t get that walk in closet for 30-40 pieces of clothing.

Capsule wardrobes are meant to support those looking to save in their budget by creating modern looks from what they currently have, and save on space especially when closet capacity is limited. The biggest thing you need to know is that not everyone requires the same list of pieces. The whole idea that you should have two pairs of denim jeans, one black dress, two skirts one long one short skirt is all a myth. The idea is that you don’t need to buy anything. What you need for a capsule wardrobe is probably right there in your closet.

Love to shop and refresh your look every season? Capsule wardrobes are great for helping you do that as well. When you have a few quality standards like sheath dresses, slacks, and blazers you can spend the remainder of your time shopping for accents that evoke new trends you’d like to try or bring seasonal colors to your wardrobe palette.

Need some help putting together modern/ sophisticated/ casual looks? Your Stylish Ways, now has a Polyvore page and we’ll be updating you with new looks you can create with a few standards you already own. Check us out here:

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