2023 Organizing Made Easy Checklist

Janet M TaylorBy Janet Taylor

Tips to get you started:

1. Establish a location for your keys by using a hook on the wall or a decorative dish.
2. Use baskets to place incoming mail and bills.
3. Open mail by the wastebasket.

4. Keep your recycling bin accessible for mail inserts that you don’t need.
5. Shred mail that contains personal information.
6. Avoid additional clutter by deciding which catalogs/magazines you will keep and toss those you are no longer interested in reading. Make sure you remove your name from their mailing list.
7. Get rid of dried-up cosmetics, nail polish, and face creams.

Now is a great time to go through your make-up and throw out old and dried-out products and brushes.
Pack your briefcase the night before.

8. Get rid of manuals to equipment you no longer own.
9. Lay clothes out the night before.
10. Pack your purse, tote, or briefcase the night before.

11. Create a yearly purging schedule. Purge closets at the beginning of each season. Purge paperwork and files when you have to gather documents for yearly taxes.
12. Establish a location where you will pay bills, manage the home, etc. (spare room, corner of a room).
13. Designate a place to keep personal documents (filing cabinet, file box).

14. Discard coupons that have expired.

15. Minimize counter clutter by keeping only those appliances that are used at least once a day on top

16. Clean the refrigerator as you put away groceries, tossing containers either in the sink or the trash.
17. Use hanging mesh or wire baskets to store fruit, onions, potatoes, etc.
18. Maximize the space in your cabinets by installing small hooks on the bottoms of shelves for mugs that won’t stack.
19. Put in back-of-door organizing racks to neatly hold boxes of foil, pot lids and extra shopping bags.
20. Go through your medicine cabinet and throw away expired items.
21. Turntables used underneath sinks can maximize space and make items accessible.

Janet M. Taylor is a professional organizer, speaker, and author with over 20 years of experience helping people get organized. If you are ready to get your life visit her website at www.janetmtaylor.com



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