Wear it Well in the Workplace!

You Wear it Well!

Have you ever put on your favorite outfit, pair of shoes, or perfume and noticed a change in the way you felt? Dressing in our favorite clothes can make us feel better. Whether it’s the color or the fit, when you feel as though you look like a million bucks, you’ll feel like a million bucks!

 With many companies changing to a casual dress code, I still dress up a couple days a week because it makes me feel good. When you look good your posture changes; you walk with confidence. Even a new hairstyle can do wonders to your look and also to your attitude. We are our worse critics. When trying new things or stepping outside of your comfort zone, bring a friend with you. From your make-up, new hairstyle, or a new outfit; let that friend say yah or nay.

 Bright colors will brighten the mood. I find if I just pick the right outfit that is the right fit, I feel good throughout the day. Oh – and compliments will boast the ego right over the roof

If you’ve always been the type of person who fears change when it comes to your appearance; take small steps. Try buying a top in a bright print opposed to an entire outfit that is colorful. Throw a bright scarf over your dark attire. Try streaks of color in your hair opposed to coloring your entire head.  If you wear wigs, try on a color you would not normally wear; but this is where you’re going to need your friend to help you. If the price is right, I buy lipstick in multiple shades. If there’s a shade I don’t like on me, I will sometimes mix the colors which works out great most times.

It’s seldom that I’ll run and buy something because it’s the new fad. Fads don’t work for everyone. You have to feel comfortable and confident in your look. Not only is it good to have that other person help you pick something out, it’s also good to have a seamstress. They can change an outfit’s look and shape tailored to your body.  

 Whether you wear it in your fashions, hair, lips, nails, feet… have confidence and WEAR IT WELL!!!


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