Liza Blair Wilson’s Prom-Time Glamour

Have you noticed that many of the young ladies this year are opting for stylish sophistication when selecting that special dress for the day that they will remember forever?  The prom dresses that I have seen are very tasteful with an air of vintage nostalgia.   The red dress worn by Liza Blair Wilson, who just graduated in the Class of 2017 Summa Cum Laude at Oakland Catholic High School, reminds me of the classic charm that was worn in old Hollywood movies.

Liza chose this understated, strapless red satin dress, that’s fitted at the waist and paired it with open-toe sandals which adorned a flattering floral print pattern. The dress is age appropriate and figure flattering. Her asymmetric hemline, not only looks fabulous, but is also functional since it can make it easier for her to glide across the dance room  floor.

Her snatched-back hairdo with the braided cornrow around the edge that is pulled together into a bun and clipped with a bedazzled hairpin added the perfect twist to let the dress be the main focus of the ensemble, as well as, to frame a stunningly beautiful face. Liza accented her gorgeous attire with a small clutch bag. She accessorized the whole look with a handsome date who sported a dapper, very modern-style tuxedo. 

Photographer Clyde Allen owner of Clyde Allen Photography captured the essence of her beauty and her natural flare for fashion by photographing Liza at the beautiful Carnegie Library of CMU in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh.

(Liza is studying International Business and Environmental Science. She will attend American University in Washington, DC as a Frederick Douglas Scholar, a very prestigious honor.)

You can contact Clyde at:  harriscajr!

Here are some tips to make your prom princesses stand out:

  1. Avoid the trends and select an outfit that will be your signature look
  2. If a certain color is popular that year, opt for a different color so that you can stand out from the norm.
  3. Always make sure the dress fits your body type no matter how much you like it.
  4. Don’t shop where you know everyone else will be looking. Be unique!
  5. Find a good seamstress or tailor. it wouldn’t matter if the dress looks great if the fit is unflattering.
  6. Try shopping at vintage shops, consignment stores and online specialty shop.

Most importantly, be yourself.  Remember you will be looking back at these photos for decades to come, you don’t want to ask…”What was I thinking?”


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