Lockdown Lifestyle – Loungewear to live-in stylishly

Like myself, the pandemic may have had you neglecting your appearance. Some of us got used to wearing unstylish; yet comfortable clothes. Comfort dressing has taken priority over dressing up for our new temporary normal lifestyle.

I got tired of looking at myself in what, I began to call “Distress Wear”. So, after I got vaccinated, my spirits lifted, and I began to take my at-home attire a little more seriously.  If you have a significant other in the home, I can assure you he will appreciate it. 

My world changed and my home wardrobe wear needed a vital boost. I went online to find some stylish casual wear. I wanted to look and feel comfortable, but I still wanted something stylish for my self-esteem, and a little tidier appearance for the other residents in my home.

I selected comfortable cotton knits. I found some matching tops to complete a more uniform ensemble look. “If you look good you feel good” even around the house. I changed my attitude as I transformed my indoor fashion décor. 

Loungewear has for a long time been considered the effortless clothing option for home attire. Although some  people do not pay much attention and wear something that they feel comfortable in regardless of how they look, the pandemic opened the door for loungewear as one of the most desired fashion choices for home bodies.

Moreover,  as a result of the quarantine, loungewear, its comfortability, and coziness made a popular comeback. People even began to wear loungewear outside of their homes, so loungewear somehow became a part of our daily lives.

The fashion industry saw this increased demand for loungewear. Staying at home, running quick errands could easily be done in the soft yet classy loungewear pieces. Keep the bonnet and furry slippers at home.

In fashion terms, loungewear is a particular set of clothes that are designed and created particularly for relaxing and laying around at home. They should provide a pleasant feeling on the skin. The loungewear most commonly comes in particular fabrics, that are soft and usually lightweight. With the spike in demand, women got the opportunity to try different loungewear options and above all, these new entities were trendy and stylish – something that was much needed to elevate your at-home look. 

So, for those of you who are still working and spending the majority of time at home, here are some interesting styling loungewear options that will add a dose of elegance to your look:

A basic pair of wide-leg sweats

This style gives me a sporty; yet stylish look, that will most certainly make me feel fashionable and comfortable.  I paired a basic t-shirt. 

Comfort is king and style is queen! You can live stylishly in loungewear – you just need to know how to pair and style it!


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