Loving My Leggings!

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Loving My Leggings!

Loving My Leggings!
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All leggings are not created equal; you can buy different styles and textures for walking or

Loving My Leggings!
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They are easy to find at local discount stores.

Loving My Leggings!

Walgreen had 2 pair for $10.00

Loving My Leggings!

Loving My Leggings!

img_0404-150x150Call them yoga pants, tights without feet, workout pants…whatever. These comfortable knit pair of leggings is a fitness woman’s dream.

Keep in mind the functional wearable tights are not just for the gym. They can make for a great fashion ensemble, and I have even seen them worn with high heels as an evening look!

I must admit, I have about 10 pairs; if not more. They take up about 2 drawers in my dresser.  I have become an expert at making my selections from different lengths to different textures.

I, like many women, opt for black. If we are going to wear something so close and fitted; we might as well make them as flattering as they can get…and looking a little thinner has never been something we regretted.

img_4290I purchase the heavier wool for the colder months and opt for a thinner nylon in spring and summer. My favorite for the winter is the fleece lined brand. Wearing them gives me no excuse to justify why I won’t take a walk in the brisk winter weather.

I am careful to make sure that the fabric isn’t so thin that I can expose more than I would like to.

If I happen to wear my leggings outside of the workout environment, I wear a longer sweater to cover my hips, and a pair of boots can actually make for a very stylish ensemble.

IMG_2190Leggings have come under fire from someone who said they have no place outside the workout space. Others suggest that leggings should be reserved for those of a certain size, and age.

Regardless of what size or age you are, it is how you wear them; not “if” you wear them.

Love ’em, like ’em,  or prefer to live without ’em…these leggings are here to stay.

So what do you think?



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  1. I love leggings too I wear them daily and honestly ave an attitude when I have to put on “real” pants. LOL
    Matter of fact I love the so much I started selling them. 🙂 Couldn’t paste my link here but if you are interested send me an email 🙂

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