Mascara Wars!

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Mascara Wars!
Falsies for Real

Mascara Wars!

Mascara Wars!

The Mascara War!

Mascara Wars

 I used to be sick and tired of purchasing mascara and not seeing much difference between any of them. I got fed up  believing all of the hype…I was done!

I just accepted the fact that I am eyelash-challenged. I had more mascara than I even realized. The ones that really worked were the pair I can pull off at night. Those were the fake eyelashes that were my go-to alternative.

Big lashes, full lashes, extended lashes, even claims that with the use of some of these brands your actual lashes can even look false. Well, my fake lashes really do look false and they even cost less ($1.00 at Target). They look false because, now for special occasions…I wear falsies!

Well, I can finally say, “I found it!” I was watching a talk show, and during their beauty segment I saw a Maybelline brand that claimed to do the trick. I purchased it, and guess what? It works, it really works! My eyelashes have never looked longer, more natural and with no flakes.

The product is: Maybelline – The Falsies – Push-up Drama.

If you know of a mascara that hands down does work to make lashes pop, leave your comments below 🙂

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