Michelle Obama: Tap into Your Inner First Lady’s Style

Grace, Style and Sophistication

From the time she graced our presence walking the streets of our nation’s capital in Washington, DC hand-in-hand with our first African American President, Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama exuded with, not only beauty, intelligence and a commitment to her family; she exemplified strength and leadership for our country.

As a woman in one of the highest positions in the United States, she personified dignity and grace even while under fire; which earned her the title for being one of the most admired women in the world.

It was her style that also kept our curiosity in wanting to know how she would appear at various events. What was she wearing, who was she wearing and how was she wearing it?

Mrs. Obama has been referred to as one of the fashion icons of our time.

She is known for wearing classic silhouettes, being creative with colors, and accenting her ensembles with simple accessories and uncomplicated detailing.

Her curvy statuesque body is the perfect mannequin to show off the most elegant ball gowns you have ever seen.

Whether she is adorning an understated J. Crew cardigan garment, or sporting  a power suit to greet some of the world’s most distinguished dignitaries; our first lady has represented us all well.

Her professional demeanor and personal character are just as classy as the signature pearls that she has become known for.  The combination of brains and beauty and bold style statements.

Tap into your Inner Michelle Obama

  1. Pearls

Well, I can say I have one thing in common with our first lady. I too, have an affinity to pearls. Single strand, double strands, multi-strands,  you name them…The first lady knows how to take an ensemble up a notch.

2. The sheath dress

If I had one silhouette to choose from the Michelle Obama collection;  the sheath dress would be it. It so figure flattering and can hide a multitude of sins. Her style is so simple and elegant, that’s why she could take a basic dress and make it POP!

3. Bolero sweaters

Mrs. Obama made the J. Crew collection a household name. When I saw her wear a bolero, I thought I could never get away with this particular item, but it wasn’t bad. In fact, it became one of my favorite pieces.

4. Princess heals

I assumed she opted for this heel so she wouldn’t tower over the president. It is a heel that is hard to wear because it doesn’t give the long leggy look that most of us would want, but she already has long legs, so that is not her issue. But for the rest of it. I suggest we seek other options, the princess heal is not for everyone.

5. The lady Loves a Bob!

And so do I! With a bang or a side part, Mrs. Obama chose a hair style in the same way she chooses her clothes; in a way that is flattering to her features.

6. Muscles for Her

Our first lady didn’t get those trademark arms simply by eating lots of carrots. She has been a leader in showing us how to live a healthy lifestyle in the garden, the kitchen and yes, in the gym.

But, style aside…Mrs. Obama has demonstrated a character and a demeanor that earned her a place in American history of one of the most distinguished women of our time.   From one “O” to the other “O”, she made us proud!


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