My Friend’s Closet: Shop and Swap

One person’s throw away is another person’s treasure. I have several items that used to be tucked away in a friend’s closet. I am fortunate enough to have some friends with impeccable taste.

 I have been the recipient of high-end designer brands. I even have a few St. John knits that I have gotten for next to nothing. So when a friend and fashion icon Pamela Reaves announced that she was having a FaceBook Live clothing sale, I marked my calendar to tune in and got ready to bid.

When I spotted this navy blue sparkling sparking accented jacket with feathers, I knew that it would be perfect for a J.Crew navy lace skirt that I had absolutely nothing to wear with. It was the perfect jacket that I planned to wear for an upcoming speaking engagement when all eyes were going to be on me.

 The price of $25.00 was an absolute steal. The jacket was a little large, so I had to add in a small alteration fee. For well under $100.00, I had created an expensive-looking outfit.

The navy horsehair and suede pumps could not be more perfect. The look was a little different than my basic conservative attire, but it was creative enough to give me a well-needed change to my ensembles.


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