New Beginnings – Work it out!

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New Beginnings – Work it out!

Find that time in the day that works best for you. I am a morning person, so it is not unusual for me to want to run to they at 4:00 a.m.

New Beginnings – Work it out!

It is never too young to start, so get your kids on the road to a healthy lifestyle that they can live with.

New Beginnings – Work it out!

Simply relaxing and meditating can go a long way. It is like exercise for the brain.

New Beginnings – Work it out!
Yes, at My Age

Yes, At My Age: Sandra Washington jumpstarted her workout lifestyle just a few years ago, and now she has traveled all over the country winning medals.

New Beginnings – Work it out!

All of your exercise activities do not have to be strenuous. I love Yoga and I think yoga loves me. Just because you are not jumping up and down does not mean your workout isn't working.

It’s a new year, which usually comes with new visions, new ideas and new resolutions. What you may really need is a new commitment. A dedication to a lifestyle that assures that each year you don’t have to start over new again simply due you due to the fact that you have dedicated your life to sustaining the change that transforms your desires of being well into a quality of life that includes being healthy.

The first step is the easiest step. Sustaining is the challenge. Creating a lifestyle management plan is far more important than a lose-weight-when-you-feel like it strategy.

Understand the benefits of accepting a lifestyle that focuses on nurturing the evolving woman in you.

Even before the year starts, we were being besieged, as we do every January, with new diets, re-positioned food plans and so-called get-thin-quick routines. I do believe that diets can work; if the diet is one that you allow to work for you. It may not always be what you are eating, because it just may be hat is eating you, and many of us are emotional eating, so just telling us to cut back won’t always work. Remember, the word “Diet” starts with the word “Die”

I started my healthy lifestyle transition about 6 years ago by taking one step at a time. I started going to the gym one day a week, then increased it to 2 days, the next thing I knew I had gone 30 days straight, That step became a sprint, the sprint became a leap and the leap; became a  moment in which I realized that I am in it for the long haul.

First came the workout, then the move towards eliminating some unhealthy foods, but the journey still continues. I don’t believe in extreme diets, because the word diet starts with “Die”. I try to live a disciplined conscious lifestyle that includes reducing certain foods (meat, wheat and sugar) and diversifying my workout options so that I won’t get bored.

My workout plan consist of Zumba dance classes, a lot of walking, yoga, some group workouts and the gym. I plan to add spinning to my menu of exercise plan.  Eventually, I will end up a martial arts class.  While I basically prefer to go solo on my wellness journey, I also plan to participate in more workout groups to gain some personal engagement and motivation to avoid becoming complacent.

When I was 55 I vowed to workout more each year than I did the year before.

My suggestion is that you find a friend to help you with your healthy lifestyle issues. That friend can also assist you by holding one another accountable. I also recommend that you find one of the many tracking and meal planning apps (many are free) that can help you stay focused.

With so many products and social media groups available your new beginnings can be made much more easier, and less painful.

You are worth, so don’t compromise on nurturing the evolving woman in you. Good luck and keep us abreast.

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