No More Wire Hangers

I actually despise wire hangers. Not only are they unappealing, but they also impact the shape of your garment.  They can leave indents in the shoulders of your garments because they are so flimsy, they tend to make your knit garment stretch out of shape.  They also can get caught on to the other “wire hangers”

Wire hangers just seem to have no redeeming value.

There are so many other options. Covered hangers simply come in different colors, a variety of styles and seem to be more functional. A great benefit is that they are great decorative items.  As a way to organize your closet, you can color-code your wardrobe by using pink hangers for skirts, blue hangers for pants, other colors for skirts, blouses, etc.

Another great use is to put the items that you have recently worn on one specific color and the items you plan on wearing at a given time another chosen color.

What’s even better is that they are very inexpensive. I consider colored hangers a great asset to my closet and my effective way of managing my wardrobe.

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  1. Same here! Most of mine are white (Dollar Tree has them. I think you get 5-7 for $1, and they have the little clips on them for skimpy straps). All others are wooden. Have you seen the wooden ones that open at the bottom by bending back the handle? They close with the handle also. They’re terrific, and I get them at Ross. I use them for hanging stretchy tops upside down.

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