Ola’s Getting Her Skincare Groove Back

I look around my bathroom, and all I see are endless jars of miracle creams that have gone unused or underused. Most were promoted with broken promises, fancy plastic bottles, and the faces of beautiful models staring back at me.

The jars, with their elegant colors and extravagant designs, did nothing to enhance my skin, and at 61 (at the time of this article), I realized that the answer to most of my problems just could not be found in a bottle.

A little enhancement from a professional is definitely what is needed. So, it was time to call on the professionals.

I first realized that I needed to seek a professional skin care service a few years ago. Because Black skin is different, I had a preference for someone who specialized in treating women of color.

The moles on the side of my face seemed to be bursting out on my social media photos. They started appearing over a decade ago and began multiplying recently.

Although I have a few other concerns, I decided to begin this journey with small goals. During my first examination, the dermatologist removed one large mole from the right side of my face. I was injected with some solution to numb the area. I felt just a little pinch. Within days that mole that had bothered me for years had completely fallen off and left no marks.

Upon my next visit to have other smaller moles removed, I was given a prescription for an anesthetic cream to numb the area. I was to apply this cream a couple of hours before the procedure. Unknowingly, I had not applied enough cream, and the pinching pain was more uncomfortable than it should have been. The area where I did have some moles removed looked great. I am scheduled to return in a couple of months. 

So, about the cost: I paid my $60.00 for the co-pay, and I later got a doctor’s bill for over $100.00. I didn’t complain much because, upon my first visit, I was able to discuss other hair and skin issues on other parts of my body. 

You could actually see my damaged skin through lightly applied makeup. I will do an update after my final procedure.

I got some great advice and suggestions on skin and hair care procedures and products. I am hopeful that my final session will be even more successful.

My next procedure will be laser hair removal. Stay tuned!

FOOTNOTE: It has been over a year since this article was written, and my skin looks very good. I returned to the hospital to have a skin tag removed that was over my right eye.


  1. Ola, Thank you for sharing your beauty journey with us! No one else seems to care about our unique skin and unwanted hair care challenges, but us! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more as you progress through your Beauty Journey! You are Beautiful, Dear Queen 👸🏽! Dianna Parker

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