For Sale: Ola’s Stylish Ways Closet

Please note that because there is only one of each, I can only sell it to the first person who contacts me. I will immediately send you an invoice. Please note that the accessories do not come with the garments. If interested, you can email me: at

The items do not include shipping.

Ann Klein French Cuff lace Top $15.00

Brown sweater duster/large; $16.00.

Brown leather skirt. 10: $20.00.

Manuf: Burns
Beige/Blk animal print skirt, 10/

Cotton skirt size 8-10; $16.00

Manu: Susan Bristol
Creme Chenile Blazer
Size 10P; $16.00
Reddish orange sheath dress, size 10; $16
.00/Brand new.

This lightweight Emanual Ungaro red crepe jacket would look great over any monotone ensemble. It really makes a basic look pop. $15.00, Size: 10-12.
Donna Karan black suede/gold shoes, 8.5 med.; $20.00

This is a Zara large, but it runs small. I think it will fit no larger than an 8. You can wear this year round. $20.00
Colorful Scarf $17.00

HomeGirl CEO Sweatshirts and Hoodies. $26 and $32. Contact us for sizes and colors.


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