Ombre’ Your Lips

YSW’s Got Your Lip Service by Maia Williams

IMG_0550Have you noticed the stylish ladies sporting full matte-style lip colors? There is a new lip-look in town, and it’s called Ombre’. Ombré is the gradual blending from one color tone to the next.

The Ombre’ lip application gives lips a fuller more luscious appearance. You will need a lip liner pencil and a lipstick color of your choice. The lip liner must be darker than the lipstick itself. First, start by outlining your lips with the liner. Line your lips above the outlines; leaving the center of your lips blank.

Next slightly shade in the color. Lastly, fill in the center of your lips with the lipstick and rub your lips together to blend the colors. Pucker up!

That’s how you achieve IMG_0537an ombré lip! It is also popular to dye hair Ombré style (more on that later).

 The lip is a gorgeous day or night style lipstick wear that is simple to achieve. If you don’t have full lips this technique will accentuate what you already have. If you are lucky enough to  have that natural lip-appeal; then this is a way to flaunt your assets. Full lips are gorgeous no matter how you wear them, but the Ombre’ look just gives you an option. Own your lips, girls!

(Maia Williams is our YSW Millennial contributor. She keeps us up with the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspirations for the up and coming young and sassy)

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