Pencil Pants: Give Your Wardrobe Some Versatility

So your girl needed something different to give her wardrobe some versatility. You are probably used to seeing me in a sheath dress, a pencil skirt, or maybe my casual rolled-up jeans when I am running the streets. I have yet to own a pair of pencil pants.

I avoided them because they looked so chic on taller women, so I didn’t think they were suitable for me. Dressing for my body type is a top priority, and I didn’t see pencil pants as an option for my petite frame.

So what the heck, I just turned 63, and I am going to be me in whatever I wear.

Are you, too, ready to upgrade your look? It’s time to embrace your silhouettes, styles, and colors with a pair of pencil pants! Perfect for any age or size, these form-flattering pants can be dressed up or down. Whether they’re coordinated with a classic blazer, a crisp white shirt for the office, or paired with a bright oversized sweater and sandals for brunch – you’ll make an instant style impact when you add a pair of slim pants to your ensemble. Pencil pant styling is so versatile; they can make it easy to dress professionally in workplaces where dress-down clothing is typically not allowed.

Pencil pants can be a great way to add a touch of added style to your wardrobe. When styling pencil pants, pay attention to the style, fit, and length.

Oh, and the added value to these pants that I paired with a blazer that doesn’t really match…I found them for only $2.00 at Thritique in Lawrenceville, PA. Do not attempt to adjust your glasses. The pants were only $2.00.



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