Profile of an Encore Bride: Karen Lane Denton and Her 7300 Mile Love

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Entrepreneur and Business Owner Karen Lane Denton never envisioned the adventure she would embark upon three years ago when she haphazardly started talking to a man while on vacation in New York City. She knew at the time she felt open to companionship but had no idea it would come some 7,300 miles away from Uganda. We sat down with her to find out all the tea on her third spin at love.

How did you meet? 2016 

Karen and Moses met in New York when they were both on vacation. She recalls that it was incredibly unexpected because at the time Karen wasn’t looking for love, let alone another spouse. She just knew that she wouldn’t mind someone to communicate with sometimes. Maybe a distant companion. While working in New York, Moses kept his communications with Karen consistent.

Over time, it was clear to Karen that they both shared a genuine interest in companionship. For her, he filled a lot of the gaps and provided support despite the distance between them. For him, he regularly commented on how he really wanted to find someone special.

With an age difference of approximately 23 years, this is more than getting her groove back. Karen says, she can tell this relationship is lasting.

How did you know he was the one?

Moses step in faith was what she needed to solidify a perfect two years of communication. What surprised her most, was the fact that Moses was exactly the same person she met then and their connection is genuine. There was no underlying bravado or falseness or catfish. Just the man she had fallen in love with.

This is not to say that they didn’t have their ups and downs. In fact, Karen shared that there are times when they miscommunicate because of cultural differences and understanding. She says “Tomato” he thinks “Tomatoe.”

She also recalled a time when Moses got to see snow for the very first time. She shared that he was so amazed and wanted to take pictures and jump around in it. He also didn’t know how to maneuver, and it was funny watching him try and remain upright despite slippery spots on the ground. Up until that point, he had only heard it existed but never experienced it.

Did you have any reservations about marrying for the third time?

Karen shared that she’s never been one to begrudge one relationship because of another. So, she didn’t feel like she wanted to hold any of her past experiences against Moses. For her, it also came down to religion and wanting to be married rather than just living together in the eyes of God.

As mentioned, Karen was married twice before. She fondly recounts that her second husband was just seasonal and that it was because of him that she now has a son. “Without that relationship, I wouldn’t have the most priceless thing to me,” she says.

For Moses, she looks forward to him being able to discover his dreams by completing a college degree.

A little about the wedding day….

Where did you decide to have your ceremony? What fueled this decision?

Karen’s friend, an ordained pastor, officiated their ceremony. Opting for a less traditional wedding the two were headed down to the Justice of the Peace to wed. However, Karen’s friend stopped them in their tracks, believing they had waited so long they should have something a bit more special. Her only condition was that her son would have to approve and give clearance for the wedding to occur.

The Pastor had a long chat with her son, and in fact, he was the one to give her away on the big day. The ceremony was held in a small intimate event space and the couple was surprised to find that the pastor’s staff and church members had all come out to celebrate and witness their union.

The couple was surprised later by a friend inviting them over for a surprise dinner party with cake to celebrate the newlywed couple.

What would you do differently if you could?

Plan and Research…

Karen shared that before marrying Moses she didn’t know much about the visas, work permits, and documents needed for marrying a non-citizen. She says that she would have done some research beforehand to make sure they were all set to go.

Love can find us at every age and companionship is never just something for the young. When you open yourself up to love and new possibilities a world of new opportunities can unfold in your life

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