Protective Styles: Bantu Knots by Maia Williams

finished-lookknotsA natural hair style that can protect your hair from heat damage is Bantu knots.


Bantu knots result in curls with no direct heat necessary. You can do this on natural, blow-dried or straightened hair. (I recommend blow-dried hair for better results.)

You’ll need oil or a leave-in conditioner of your choice. I used Olive Oil sheen Spray, Cantu Shea butter curl activator cream, Naturals leave-in conditioner and eco styling gel.

productsFirst, section your hair off to begin inserting the knots. Twist your hair to the ends then wrap the twist on your scalp. Secure the Bantu knot with a bobby pin or tightly tuck the end of the twist under it. Do this on your entire head. After that step is completed, wrap your hair with a scarf or bonnet. (Sleep carefully so the knots won’t unravel.)

When you’re ready to take out the knots, unscrew them the opposite way they were applied. Pull the curls apart and style them to your personal liking. This protective style is stylish, sassy, and easy to apply.

Please be patient, the style may not be as easy as it looks.  Practice makes perfect. These products can be found at almost any drugstore, grocery store or beauty supply store.

Thank you for reading your stylish ways, stay tuned for more information on hair care!

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